Patient data for health research

The FEDERA commissioned a Report on the possible use of TTP for health research in the Netherlands. EUROCOURSE commissioned a Report on the meaning of Directive 95/46/EC for health research and the ethical foundation of using patient data for cancer registries and cancer search in particular. It was decided to combine both in one Report as the three issues are very much interrelated. Our ambition has been to submit a Report which both describes the present law accurately but also challenges certain existing views for legislation to come such as the ‘update’ of the European privacy protection Directive mentioned.
The full report can be downloaded here.

Biobanking residual tissues

Evert-Ben van Veen has co-authored an article with Peter H.J. Riegman on consent issues relating to biobanking residual tissue as distinct from biobanking specifically collected human tissue. This article appeared online in the Human Genetics Journal on 4th August 2011.