Juridisch stagiair gezocht / intern wanted

With their legal and ethical expertise as a basis, Medlawconsult and the MLC Foundation are deeply involved in health care and the data exchange which is inherent to health care delivery, and necessary for a learning health care system and for scientific research. Med-Lawconsult is practically involved in the former. The MLC Foundation is more involved in scientific research with health data and bringing the debate about data protection, health care and research with data to the fore.
This winter a book will be written about the governance of health data for research, and we need your help. Literature searches, embedding them in the literature list, some research of your own and discussions about the book.

You will also be able to attend some meetings with clients and of course, read up in ad-vance what those meetings are about. The book is in English; meetings are mostly in Dutch.

This is also an opportunity to make some money on the side. Better than waiting tables we would think. Certainly for your résumé. And we will pay the equivalent.

About 16-20 hours a week with a flexible schedule. Some of the work can be done at home or at the library. About 8 hours a week you will spend at our office in the centre of The Hague. You will need to have the normal ICT skills, a basic understanding of data protection issues and law in general. Most of all you should be inquisitive and have an open mind.


If you are interested and want to know more, use the contact form below to get in touch with us.