MedLawconsult equals lawyers and policy advisors dedicated to health care and research, aimed at a learning health care system. Our expertise ranges from Dutch medical law to European law and the wide array of international instruments on health care, research and privacy.

We love our work and are proud of what we have achieved through it, from the Codes of Conduct which we drafted to practical advice to researchers, health care professionals, public health organisations and international consortia.

We entered this field of law as we are interested and concerned about how public health care works or should work. About the promises of more precision medicine and other research areas, and by the public values on which European health care is based. Our aim is to contribute to the latter. Which is a limitation as well. We choose our assignments and our clients carefully.

Mastering law is both a simple craft and a more sophisticated thinking through. We offer a rather unique mix of a hands-on approach, such as when drafting intelligible agreements, and reflection on developments. When necessary we try to influence some of these developments. The GDPR, where we cooperated with, amongst others, the Wellcome Trust.

Through the human rights debate, law and ethics are closely related in modern western law.  We contribute to this debate as well, in our field referred to as ELSI.

And hence, a very busy practice notwithstanding, we publish or give presentations, such as at the 2016 IAB conference with the title ‘public interests as furthering citizenship’.

MedLawconsult works in collaboration with the Stichting MLC Foundation. The Foundation is the partner in two new European (H2020 and IMI) projects, and is also the flag under which Evert-Ben van Veen in particular gives teaching and informational presentations. These are aimed at spreading understanding and inviting consensus on how privacy issues and the need for medical research based on data need not be mutually exclusive.